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Gone are the days of using traditional methods for sending and receiving messages. Communication in today’s world has shifted from those traditional methods to different types of digital mediums. Today’s generation relies on digital tools to convey their messages and one of these digital tools is E-mail. When we talk about e-mail services, one of the pioneers was Hotmail which was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996 in Mountain view, California and had its headquarters in Sunny wale. Hotmail had more than 8.5 million subscribers that time.

Microsoft needs no introduction at all. It is a tech giant and one of the biggest companies in the world. When Microsoft acquired Hotmail, the platform got totally transformed. Hotmail immediately got popularity and the number of active members reached over 30 million by the end of 1999 making Hotmail, the biggest webmail service of that time. Microsoft released MSN Hotmail, rebranded it to Windows Live Hotmail and finally released the last version in October, 2011 with 36 languages. After that, the tech giant revamped the platform and renamed Hotmail to Microsoft Outlook. Outlook was first introduced to general public in July, 2012. Although, Microsoft transferred the accounts on Hotmail to Outlook but the email addresses for the existing hotmail users were not changed so that they do not witness problems in sending or receiving mails on their accounts. If you are facing troubles in accessing your Hotmail account you can directly call on Hotmail helpline customer support number for quick and efficient support on Hotmail.

Basic features of Hotmail, back then before acquisition by Microsoft were a free account, emailing, spam filter, virus scanning and storage of 250 MB which seems a joke in today’s world. Hotmail features were enhanced and Microsoft added features like rich text formatting, schedule calendar, task manager, contact lists in address book and offered greater storage space, speed, and interface flexibility. But there can be technical issues in your Hotmail email account which you might not be able to solve on your own. You just dial the Hotmail helpline toll free number and get solutions of all your account related problems

Outlook supports all the major web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Microsoft added new features including new calendar layout options, new theme design and a filtering service called "Clutter". By 2013, the number of active users of Outlook reached 400 million. Today, few of the Hotmail users are affected by some technical issues. These can be very common or very complex in nature. These issues can be solved by calling the Hotmail helpline phone number where such individuals will be answering your queries, which are carrying sufficient knowledge of the latest tools and techniques.

Outlook is integrated with Office online that facilitates the users to view and edit documents attached in emails using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and save them to One Drive or One Note which are in themselves, very powerful tools. Other features include virtually unlimited storage capacity, quick view, one click filters, sweep feature for moving and deleting large amount mails, aliases for providing unique name to your email addresses, integration with Skype for video calling without Skype desktop client etc. Whether you use Hotmail for a personal use or official purposes, it is a very effective and secure mail service with tons of features. But if you are not able to use your Hotmail account for any reason, you can call on the Hotmail customer helpline number and take instant support by highly trained and proficient technicians. All your technical troubles of Hotmail whether they related to access, account hosting, maintaining, security or recovery will be resolved in quick time.

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I forgot my password. I recently move to USA. I also changed my phone number from+ 669 4946 6463 to my US number is 814-619-6061. Please help me solve this issue. Ontipa Angkanawin


Have an email address I got locked out of it because I did could remember the password I was just wondering if you guys could by any chance help me get it back because there’s a lot of pictures on it that I don’t actually have copies of if there be any way you guys can help me get into it it’s