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Hotmail Not Working

Hotmail also known as Outlook or Windows live mail is a popular email application service offered by global tech giant Microsoft. Hotmail is widely used email service for both personal and business email communication. It offers a many user-friendly email features and easy to use interface to its customers. User can use the web version as well as with third party email client. Hotmail is very robust and trouble free email service and users do not face any technical problem most of the time. However there are some technical issues, users may encounter with Hotmail sometimes. In case if Hotmail not working, you should not panic and try some troubleshoots on your own. If the problem still persists then you must take support from Outlook experts.

Microsoft outlook Hotmail not working

The problem of Microsoft Outlook Hotmail not working is a major issue for users. It can impact the work and business communication of users drastically. So, we can try some troubleshoots for rectifying the issue of Microsoft Outlook Hotmail not working. Here are some quick fixes for Hotmail not working

  • If you are using paid account, check the account validity and renew if required.
  • Outlook may stop working due to bad or slow Internet connection. So check it is working properly. Make data connectivity on if you are using Outlook on mobile.
  • Check the POP/IMAP server settings if used with third party email clients
  • Check if the Incoming and Outgoing mail server addresses are correct.
  • Hotmail now working can happen due to browser issues. So delete the browser cooking and histories and try open again/
  • There may be some add ons which can cause issue to Hotmail. Remove such extra things from browser
  • If while working Hotmail shows some issue, close it from task management and try open again

Why is my Hotmail not working

When you face issue with Hotmail, you may be thinking why is my Hotmail not working. Well there can various reasons for Hotmail not working. Sometime there is issue from Hotmail server due to which you may face trouble. Other than that as discussed above, there can be reasons like wrong server settings, browser problems, malware attack on system, any browser extension, slow Internet etc.

One must first need to analysis the type of Hotmail issue to know why is my Hotmail not working.

Windows live mail Hotmail not working

Hotmail is also called as Windows live mail. Many user know it as live mail and similarly they may encounter with Windows live mail Hotmail not working. The common reasons are same as discussed and the troubleshoot are also exactly same. If users are not able the fix Windows live mail Hotmail not working on their own

Why is Hotmail not working on my computer

Users can use Hotmail as software application on their computer. Like other application, we can use Hotmail without any browser just by opening the application icon. However users can face Hotmail issue on their computer also. If you are wondering why is Hotmail now working on my computer, then there are various reasons for that. On computer the Hotmail application is more prone to malware or virus attack, which can be possible reason. Apart from that slow computer, bas Internet connection etc. cause issue in Hotmail.

Hotmail not working on chrome

As discussed earlier Hotmail can also be used on web browser. We can directly go to Hotmail login page and use Hotmail. User also face Hotmail not working on Chrome sometimes. If this happens, one must first update the chrome on their system. Apart from that users may delete the browsing history, cookies or any extension to resolve the issue. If still Hotmail not working Chrome, it is better to take support from experts

Hotmail not working on mac

Like any other windows computer, user can access Hotmail on Mac. The reasons for Hotmail not working on Mac are same as other computers. So you first try those troubleshoots to resolve the issue. If you are not able to rectify the problem, you can talk with Mac experts to get support.

Hotmail not working on iPhone

There are many users who prefer to use Hotmail on their phone. If use Hotmail on iPhone, you may face the problem of Hotmail not working on iPhone. In that case delete the Hotmail account and add again and then open Hotmail. Also there may be error in server settings, so check the setting properly to resolve Hotmail not working on iPhone.

Hotmail not working on android

Like iPhone, users may encounter Hotmail not working on Android. On your android phone, you first delete the Hotmail account and then again install it to resolve Hotmail problem. Also check data connection and server settings for any possible reason for Hotmail not working on Android. 24x7 Hotmail Customer Service

Why is my Hotmail not working?

Using email services, you can communicate personally and professionally worldwide. Hotmail is one of the free email service providers which Microsoft launched. It provides users many features and services free of cost. You can send and receive emails anytime; you can secure and recover your Hotmail account anytime and many more.

Being so much into use every day, if you face Hotmail not working issue, it becomes very distressful, as it stops all your important activity on email. So, if it happens, you must understand the cause and fix it immediately. In the information below, you will get to learn all possible ways to fix the issue.

Factors affecting Hotmail working-Fix Hotmail issues

Check the status of your server.

When you have any issue with Hotmail, it is advised that you check the status of your server. In case your server is down, you may face Hotmail issues. So check the status and immediately get it fixed.

Troubleshoots with your browser. 

Many times, it happens that your browser is corrupted, and it fails to load your Hotmail website. So, when you have this Hotmail issue tries to use another browser; else, you can also follow the step below to fix the browser issue.

  • Step 1- Delete the history of your browser immediately
  • Step 2-Eliminate the cache and cookies from the browser
  • Step 2-Reset your browser

Check your network settings

Check whether your system is connected to the internet properly or not. If the network setting is incorrect, there may be a high chance of your Hotmail not working. Moreover, you can also restart or reconnect other internet devices to improve the internet quality. You can also reboot your modem router, computer and reconnect again with your Hotmail account.

Enter the credentials correctly.

While you log in to your account, ensure that you enter the correct username and password. If you have not entered the credentials incorrectly, you will not be able to use your Hotmail account. Most of the time, you remember the username and password, but it doesn't work due to a typing error. So make sure that you are entering it correctly; if you don't remember the credentials, you can recover your Hotmail account using several options.

Not able to send and receive an email in Hotmail

You may also face difficulty in sending and receiving a Hotmail account if you have a Hotmail not working issue. In that case, you can go through some important points below and fix this issue.

  • Created an email filter: You may also face the issue because of email filters. In that case, delete the filters from emails to receive and send your emails.
  • Forwarding to any other emails is disabled: You may not receive and send emails because your emails are getting forwarded to another email. In that case, disable your forwarding email to fix the issue.

If you still have a problem with your Hotmail account, you can directly speak to the Hotmail representative. Hotmail is now updated as outlook, so you can connect with the outlook representative to solve your problem.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  

Q. Why is my Hotmail not working on iPhone?

Ans. Why is My Hotmail not Working on iPhone? How Can I Fix It?

Has your Hotmail account suddenly stopped working that you are using on your iPhone? Then you may get this issue anytime along with the thousands of Hotmail users as it is one of the most common issues. There could be too many possible causes behind this issue of Hotmail on your iPhone that you can quickly fix with the help of simple steps.

Methods to resolve Hotmail not working on iPhone issue:

Method 1: Check your internet connection

Make sure that your iPhone is well connected to an active internet connection required to access your Hotmail account. You can also use your cellular data instead of a Wi-Fi connection to resolve the issues.

Method 2: Check Hotmail email settings

Update Hotmail email settings in your iPhone because using incorrect or outdated email settings may also cause such kinds of issues. You can update settings under the Mail section.

Method 3: Update your OS

Update your iPhone OS to the latest version because sometimes an outdated version also causes issues whenever you use your Hotmail account.

Method 4: Restart your iPhone

Resetting your iPhone is another best way to resolve different technical issues, and you can also fix the not working problem of Hotmail after resetting your iPhone.

The above-described steps can help fix Hotmail not working on iPhone issues in a very quick and reliable manner. If you are still not able to access your Hotmail account on iPhone, then contact the customer support team for immediate assistance.

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