Why are attachments not coming through Hotmail

Attachments not coming through Hotmail

Attachments are regarded as the lifeline of email messages. If you are not getting emails with attachments, you must be expecting to know the probable reasons. Five most likely reasons have been mentioned on this page. All these reasons are properly explained with their technical solutions. Your job is to try them one by one.

Hotmail attachment contains a virus

Being a secure email client, Hotmail prevents its users from becoming infected. Maybe you are not getting attachments from some days because of this reason. You won’t be able to send or get an attachment if it contains an online thread like virus, Trojan, or malware. Online threads may also cause Hotmail account is not sign out. So, they are being prevented automatically.

Antivirus protection program doesn’t allow attachments

Hotmail never allows an e-mail with an infected file attachment to be sent or received. Thus, the reason behind your problem may lie in an online infection. Moreover, the antivirus protection program installed on your computer makes it difficult. A simple thing you can do the check this problem is to disable your antivirus for a day.

Attachment is too big to receive

Maybe the attachment or attachments sent to you is large in size. You should know that the email client doesn’t allow any sender to send an attachment over 20 MB. To overcome this dilemma, you can store the file in a location where you can access it easily even if it is larger in size. We instruct you for following Hotmail Technical Support Number for more details about the attachment management.

Odd extensions are not allowed

An extension related problem can affect you in getting an email. Email attachment extensions like .mdb, .mde, .reg, .scr, .msc, .msp, .sct, .shb, .vb, or .wsc are not welcomed by Hotmail mailbox. It can be a major reason behind your problem. The mailbox, in such instances, automatically rejects the incoming messages.

Lack of space in the storage

Lack of space is considered as the topmost reason behind this problem. If your storage is filled with emails, it won’t be able to receive more. In such situations, the inbox will automatically reject incoming e-mails. So, you need to check whether your mailbox exceeded its allocated size or some space is left. Hence, you can delete the old or unnecessary emails. If you don’t know how to get Hotmail Customer Care Number, you are requested to go through our previous posts. As we remember, we have discussed it several times.

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