How to Temporarily Disable Hotmail Account

Steps to temporarily disable Hotmail account

Hotmail account is one of the most frequently used email account which helps the users to get the access of the mails and messages easily and allow them to continue work on it. There are different features of the Hotmail account which makes it easy for the users to work on it and make it convenient for them to get their work done on it easily.

It sometimes happens to the users that they are not willing to continue their work on their Hotmail account as it is not possible for them due to certain issues. For all such issues, users sometimes think to disable their account due to the reasons. In order to disable their account, users are required to follow these simple steps to disable your account temporarily

  • Go to close your account page
  • Double click on the account you want to disable
  • Check that the page shows correct account
  • Read the list and check to acknowledge read items
  • In the select a reason page, select a suitable reason to close the page
  • Select mark account closure option

These steps will help the users to close their account on which they are working and enable them to temporarily close their account. Once the users have temporarily closed their account then they can get the access of their account back when they activate it again by going through certain simple steps on the activation page.

If still users find it difficult to work on the account then they need to contact the support page where they will get the solution for every issue they face. Users can call on the Hotmail Technical Support Number on which they will be able to get connected to the support experts who will provide them the best solution and allow them to work on it.

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Dennis De Dobbeleer

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