How to Set up Hotmail email Account on iphone

Hotmail email account settings on iphone

Hotmail account is a very helpful platform for the users which helps them to get all their email related work done in an easy manner. It has multiple features which makes it a very convenient option to choose for the mailing related work. The best part of the outlook is that it provides the feature to the users to make their account work on iphone as well. Through this, they can check mail regularly and revert back to the important messages they have. It makes it very convenient for them to access the account regularly.

In order to make their Hotmail account work on iphone, users are required to go through the given steps

  • Go to settings>mail>accounts>add account
  • Select the option of outlook
  • Enter the user name and password on the login page that appears
  • Select the signin option
  • Select the option of yes to confirm the access of iphone
  • Go to the mail application
  • The newly created account would be there

This will help the users to get the access of the account which help them to work for their email through their phone itself and increase the pace of their work.

Sometimes it also happens with the users that they find difficulty in the working of the outlook. It happens that the Hotmail email goes to the spam folder which makes it difficult for them to get their messages. In such situation, users are required to go through the given steps

  • Go to the junk folder
  • Check if the wanted messages are in this folder
  • In blocked sender list select the name and domain
  • Click on the option of remove from list

This will help the users to get the messages in their inbox and not in the spam folder.

Users can get quick help with Hotmail customer service which will help them to enjoy all the solution for their issues. Users can even call on the Hotmail Technical Support Number and interact with the experts to get the solution.

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