How to send an email on Hotmail

Compose and send email from your Hotmail account

Hotmail or outlook is a popular email platform by Microsoft. Hotmail has large number of user base in all over the world. The first time users may want to know about compose and send email from Hotmail account. So, here we will discuss how you can send email from your account easily.

  • First of all sign in your account with correct username and password by opening up in your browser.

  • Now click on New Button on top

  • Enter the email address of the receiver at To

  • Enter the subject of the email at Subject section

  • Now add the content for the email

  • Now click Send on top and you are done with sending email

You may also want to know how to send an email to multiple people at once.  You can do that by three ways

  • Firstly in the receiver address section, add your receiver emails separated by Semi-colon and Space. You can add multiple receiver emails by separating two emails by Semi-colon and Space. Some email platforms use Comma instead of Semi-colon

  • You can also add email of other receivers at CC (Carbon Copy) or BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) address bar.

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