How to resolve the Hotmail problems without hiccups

Resolve the Hotmail problems without hiccups

Hotmail is the mail account with latest email management and email access capabilities. All the email features and access problems that you face in other email services is not an issue in Hotmail. Based on the requirements and usage, Hotmail is provided with latest functionalities. Now there can be various issues with the email account and to solve those problems user need to contact the support experts. Email account troubles can be solved with email troubleshooting steps and in this article we will try to find the best solutions for the Hotmail troubles.

Here are the steps to fix problems in Hotmail account without hiccups –

Malware Scan – Hotmail access and well as other sites can be disturbed or affected in different ways by the malware. Run the antivirus update to solve the malware or spyware problems. One of the common targets of malware is the ‘host’ file and it can be found in ‘C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc’. Simply rename the file is one of the safest things and spyware is used to detect the corrupt files in the computer which might create problem.

Repair Internet Explorer – Try running the ‘System File Checker’ on Windows XP to solve the problems. For other version of Windows the best repair is to re-install the IE browser.

Switch to a different browser – Switch to a different browser if the Hotmail is not accessible through Internet Explorer. Switching to the Firefox browser might solve the problem permanently.

Lower Security – Sometimes the issue gets resolved with reduction of the security on the internet zone in Internet Explorer. For this go to ‘Tools’, then select ‘Internet Option Security’ followed by ‘Custom Level’. Finally click on ‘Reset to’ and tick the option of ‘Medium-low’.

HTTP Version – Alter the version of HTTP that IE uses will help resolve the problem. For this go to ‘Tools’ and then select ‘Internet Options’. Now click on ‘Advanced’ and locate the entry of ‘HTTP 1.1 settings’ settings.

Flush DNS – Open the command prompt and enter ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ to make sure that the computer is using the current DNS information. A reboot will solve the problem and the command is available on all the version of Windows.

Not able to solve the Hotmail issues? Contact the email support team over Hotmail technical support number. Support professionals will solve the email trouble instantly. With remote troubleshooting the problem gets solved easily and thus it helps in quick resolution.

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