How to fix server error 3219 in Hotmail account

Steps to fix server error 3219 in Hotmail account

Server error 3219 in Hotmail account means your account has been automatically updated to new version. So now to use your Hotmail account you need to configure IMAP in place of HTTP.  You can follow below steps to fix server error 3219 in Hotmail account:

  • At first, you need to deactivate your existing Hotmail account because it will not work any longer. To deactivate you need to right hit on your account and select properties.
  • Then you choose the “general” tab and you need to uncheck the box ‘Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing’.
  • Then you simply apply the action and click OK.
  • The next step is to set up your IMAP account.
  • After you have set up IMAP account that, you need to enter as outgoing mail server address and along with this set the port number to 587.
  • Your server connection type must be SSL and will need authentication.
  • After that you need to choose Finish and close the window.
  • Then right click on the new account and opt for properties and with this, choose the IMAP tab.
  • You need to carefully check the box for the two options “store special folders on IMAP servers” and “check for new messages in all folders”.
  • After a while, you need to set the following paths accurately as given below :

            a. Sent items path: Sent
            b. Hotmail Drafts path: Draft
            c. Deleted stuff path: Deleted
            d. Junk path: Junk

  • Then you can choose to apply and then click OK.
  • Thus, you need to right click on your new account and select show or hide folders.
  • You need to select the reset list choice as it is important so that the folder list rightly gets refreshed from the system server.

You can follow above mentioned steps to fix server error 3219 in Hotmail account.

Hotmail technical support number

Hotmail is a product of Microsoft and millions of users across the world use Hotmail account. Hotmail has some really great features which you experience when you use it but sometimes you may face technical glitches with your Hotmail account. In such situation you should take technical help and for that you can dial Hotmail technical support number.

Hotmail customer care number

For any issue or information related to your Hotmail account you can dial Hotmail customer care number.

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