How to Fix Hotmail Error 3219

Steps to fix Hotmail error3219

Hotmail error 3219 you see when your Windows Live Mail does not synchronize with your Hotmail account. When you open it you see error message 3219. Because of this error you cannot send email and start receiving this code instead. To solve this issue you can follow below steps:

  1. First you need to click on the Accounts Tab – look for the + symbol with the @ sing and then click on it.
  2. Here type your e-mail address, password, and display name.
  3. Now you need to check manually configure server settings.
  4. Now under Incoming Server Information you need to Select IMAP.
  5. Type in the field of Server Address and then type 993 in port.
  6. Now check ‘Requires a secure connection SSL’.
  7. Here you need to locate Outgoing Server Information.
  8. Here, now type as a server address and in port type 587.
  9. Now you need to check ‘Requires a secure connection SSL’ and ‘Requires Authentication’.
  10. Now press Next to complete the process.

This is how you reconfigure your account and fix Hotmail error 3219.

When you face this Hotmail error you cannot send emails because Windows Live Mail does not connect with your Hotmail account. To solve this issue and start sending emails you can follow above mentioned steps to fix Hotmail error 3219.

Hotmail technical support number

Hotmail is a product of Microsoft. It is quite a strong platform for email services. But you may still face technical issues with Hotmail. Like you may face error code 3219. You may face other issues also. In such case you can look for technical help via Live Chat, Email or on Community page also. But if you want to talk to technical team then you should dial Hotmail technical support number. When you dial Hotmail technical support number you get the solution instantly.

Hotmail customer service number

Hotmail is a Microsoft’s product and millions of users are using this email service for easy communication using multiple features. People find Hotmail is easy to use and a very strong platform where communication is easy, safe and it comes with multiple features. So when you are using Hotmail which is such a popular product, Hotmail offers best customer service to its users and they are always ready to solve any issue faced by Hotmail users. So if you are facing any issue related to your Hotmail account on any device that you are using then you can get help online, through Live chat or phone. And if you look for help on phone then to get help on Phone you should dial Hotmail Customer service number.

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