How to choose a name for an email address

Choose a name for an email address

Your online identity is known by your email address which is an integral part of your online identity. Your email address stays with you for years. So you should choose a name that's short, easy to recall, memorable and -- when necessary -- professional helps cut down on mistyped addresses and embarrassing situations. You may also not just stick to one name and you might want multiple accounts to separate your work from your personal life, allowing you to use your real name for work. So you should choose your name carefully.

Before you choose a name for an email address, you should consider the purpose of your email account. There are many free email services on the Web like Hotmail and so on; you don’t need to use a single account for both your work and personal emails. When you have a professional email account, then you can incorporate your real name or your company's name which helps convey your authority. And for personal accounts, you can be more creative and create a name from scratch if you prefer it this way.

Hotmail technical support number

Hotmail which is a service offered by Microsoft is a great email service. You use it for great features but you do face some technical issues with Hotmail from time to time. What would you do if you face Hotmail technical issue? Well, you can get in touch with technical expert from Microsoft. For that you can dial Hotmail technical support number. This number is available 24X7 for Hotmail users in the world. By dialing this number you can talk to technical expert on phone and ask for the solution to the technical issue that is there with your Hotmail account.

Hotmail customer care number

Hotmail is now Outlook and it is Microsoft service. You can use Hotmail on all devices like computer, laptop, smartphone, tablets etc. You find using Hotmail easy and Hotmail offers you lot of great features but sometime you want to get some information or it also gets suspended for some issues quite often. You need help in those situations to start using Hotmail again. Now you need help in this situation. You can dial Hotmail customer care number and talk to expert that you can clean up those issues and start using Hotmail again. So you can dial Hotmail customer care number which is for every user of Hotmail in the world.

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