How to add approved senders to Hotmail

Steps to add approved senders to Hotmail

Hotmail is one of the frequently used email service provider which makes it very convenient for the users to manage their email related work. It is helpful for both the personal as well as professional uses making it a popular option for the users. There is an option in the Hotmail that the users can add approved senders in the Hotmail which makes it convenient for them to get the messages from a select audience only making it convenient for them to avoid useless messages. It also makes their account safe and secured for the use.

In order to add approved senders to the Hotmail account, users are required to simply go through simple steps making it easy to get their work done

  • Open outlook mailbox
  • Select options from the top right
  • Select more options and then safe and blocked senders
  • Choose the option of safe senders
  • In the given space enter the email address
  • Select add to list option
  • Ensure safe mailing list box has address you entered
  • Select OK option

These steps will allow the users to get the approved senders only in the list and allow them only to communicate with the experts. It makes the outlook account protected and safe to be used for the users and allows the selected senders only to communicate with the experts. If there happens to be any issue with the users while working on it then they are required to call on the Hotmail technical support number where they will be able to get connected with the experts who will provide them the best solution and allow them to get the best solution for their issues. They can also go to the support page where they can find different ways to get the solution for their issues and able to continue their work on it easily.

Users can also call on the Hotmail customer service number and interact with the experts who are available 24/7 for them and enable them to provide the best solution for their issues they face while working on it.

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