How do I search for an email in Hotmail

Search for an email in Hotmail

In your Hotmail account inbox when there is a pile of emails then it may be difficult to search for an email which is old and you don’t remember where you kept it. But you can search for an email in Hotmail.  

Steps to search for an email in Hotmail

You can follow below steps to search for an email in Hotmail:

  1. Open a web browser on your computer.
  2. Now open Hotmail website.
  3. After it opens you need to sign in by using your username and password credentials.
  4. After that click the link "Go to Inbox" which you can see positioned underneath "Hotmail Highlights" in about the center of the resulting webpage.
  5. Now you need to locate the listing of messages you have on the screen. You can see a search box most of the way over to the left on top of the folders.
  6. Now use the search box described in the previous step.
  7. You can type in whatever search term you want to use, or you can also type in a to-address, or a contact name.
  8. You also have the choice to type in a Bing web search term, to further search the web, if you don't find the intended message in Hotmail/your Windows Live account.
  9. Now scroll through the list until you can see your specific search term.
  10. Then press Enter to begin your search.
  11. You should wait for a few seconds as Hotmail may take this much to search your Inbox, as well as all your other folders for messages with the intended search setting-terms displayed in the box.
  12. Now look over the list of emails to see what results you'll need to grab or take action with.

This is how you can search for an email in Hotmail.

Hotmail technical support number

Hotmail which is Outlook now is a service offered by Microsoft which is known world over for offering best technical support. Though Hotmail is technically sound email platform which you can use at home and office for sending and receiving emails, however you may also come across some technical problems with your Hotmail account. You may not be a technical expert to solve such a technical issue on your own. In such situation you need help from technical expert who can handle all kinds of issues of Hotmail account. If you visit the support page of Microsoft and choose Hotmail there then you can probably get the answer of your problem on this page only. Apart from this exercise you can also seek support via chat or through email. But if you prefer to talk to a technical expert over phone then you should dial Hotmail technical support number and get the solution instantly.

Hotmail customer service number

For any information related to your Hotmail account you can seek Hotmail customer service. To avail this you can dial Hotmail customer service number which is available 24X7.

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