How do I regain my Hotmail account?

What is the procedure to regain access to the Hotmail account?

Are you one of those users who have lost access to their Hotmail account and need assistance to regain access to the account? Then, you can opt for the account recovery process, where the user is offered an option to create a new password to access the email account. 

The procedure to regain access to a Hotmail account is quite simple, but a few users might need to connect to Hotmail Customer Service and reach out to the experts for assistance. However, to help users with the recovery process, here are the quick instructions that one can follow to reset the account password. 

Steps to regain access to the Hotmail account instantly

The users who wish to restore access to their Hotmail account can go through the detailed steps shared in this article and access the email services without interruption. If required, one can reach out to customer service and seek the needed information.  

Recovery by requesting code via email or phone

  • To regain access to the Hotmail account, the user needs to visit the login site.
  • Here, the user is required to click on the forgot password link to open the recovery page. 
  • Now, to verify the identity, the user needs to select a recovery option.

a) For account verification, the user can either request a code on the linked email. After that, the user needs to access the recovery link and proceed with the recovery process. 

b) Alternatively, the user can request a code on the recovery phone number. Then, the user needs to enter the code received via text to complete the account verification. 

  • By picking either of the options, the user can verify their identity and continue. 
  • Once the user's identity is verified, the user will get an option to create a new password. 
  • Further, the user can create a new password for the Hotmail account and save the changes. 
  • If the issue is not resolved, the user can contact an expert at Hotmail to seek assistance. 

Filling up the recovery form 

Alternatively, the user can fill up an online recovery form on the Hotmail support page by using the steps below. If required, users can contact customer service to seek assistance. 

  • The users who have failed to reset the Hotmail account password can access this form.
  • Then, users can provide the email account details and ensure they are filling the form from the known location. 
  • Once the recovery form is submitted, customer service will contact the user within 24 hours to assist them with the recovery process. 

Contacting customer service at Hotmail

Users failing to perform the recovery process can reach out to  Hotmail Customer Service by dialing the toll-free contact number or email. Then, the user can explain their concerns regarding the recovery and get the needed assistance to regain access to their Hotmail account. 

So, this is the complete information on how users can restore access to their Hotmail account and create a new password. If the user fails, they can reach out to customer service for assistance and accordingly manage their Hotmail account settings.

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