How do I recall an email from Hotmail on my iPhone?

How do I recall an email from Hotmail on my iPhone?

Hotmail account users have some advantages and benefits, such as the ability to search mailboxes, increased features in security, and the ability to recall or even replace an email message. When you recall an email from your iPhone, the email you sent is retrieved from the recipients' mailboxes who have not opened it yet.

You can also substitute a replacement message. When a message is successfully recalled, the recipients can no longer see it in their inbox. 

If you and your recipients are both on Hotmail and in the same organization, you have a feature where you can recall or replace an email message that you sent.

An important note worth mentioning here is that If your account is a MAPI or POP account, a recall will not work in such cases. 

How you can recall and replace an email in Hotmail

  • To recall an email in Hotmail, open the service on a browser on your iPhone and navigate to the sent items folder.

  • Next, you need to double-click the sent message you wish to recall to open the email in a separate window tab.

  • The 'recall a message' option is unavailable when the message displays on the left-hand side Reading Pane.

  • Now navigate to the Message tab, choose the actions dropdown arrow, and select Recall This Message.

  • In the Recall This Message dialogue field, select either: Delete the copies which are unread to replace the message with a new one or Delete the unread copies of this message to recall the message.

  • If you want to get notification regarding the results, select the option of Tell Me if Recall is successful or is a failure for Each Recipient checkbox.

  • If you selected Delete Unread mail copies and Replace with a New Message, modify the original message and select Send.

  • You now receive a Hotmail notification message regarding the success or failure of your attempt to withdraw or replace the email.

  • Sending an incorrect email can prove to be disastrous and even embarrassing.

  • While Hotmail's recall feature might save you in a matter of seconds, you can reduce some stress by delaying or scheduling messages to be sent.

  • This function can provide the necessary and desirable time to identify mistakes or update information before your email lands in your recipient's inbox.

What happens when you recall a Hotmail email?

  • The results of you trying to recall a mail can differ, depending on quite a few factors.

  • If the recipient has gone through the message, the recall will fail.

  • The original message and the newly sent message or notification of your attempt to recall the original dispatch are made available to the receiver.

  • If the receiver has not opened the original message and opens the recall message first, the original message is deleted.

  • Hotmail conveys to the recipient that you deleted the message from their mailbox instantaneously.

  • These results also occur if the receiver moves both messages to the same folder, either manually or using the automatically enabled feature of the auto settings.

Therefore this is how the Hotmail recall sent email from your iPhone, process works. If you have any queries regarding the same, do get in touch with an expert at Hotmail.

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