How do I get my Hotmail call back?

How can you get your Hotmail call back?

Are you a Hotmail email subscriber seeking for information on how to receive a call back from them? In such case, any Hotmail user looking for the same information is invited to visit this page for the most relevant information on the subject. Hotmail is a fantastic web email service that allows you to register an account for free. Hotmail offers a variety of extra services, including email recall, which is one of them. If you want more specific information on how to get your Hotmail call back, please see the information provided in the section below.

Learn the process for requesting a Hotmail call back email?

Email Call back is a variant of Hotmail's Web Call back service for its subscribers. Instead of visiting a website, an end user required to send emails including account credentials such as username and password, as well as two phone numbers: the user's contact number and the destination number to which they desires to be connected. Please see the instructions below if you want to learn more about how to get a Hotmail call back email.

  • To begin, go to the Hotmail website and log in to your account with them.
  • After that, navigate to the Sent Items folder from your Hotmail account home page.
  • After that, you must choose or double-click the message you wish to recall in order to open that in a new window.
  • Then select the files option and then navigate to the info tab on that page.
  • Afterwards, under the info tab, pick the Message Resend and Recall option.
  • Then go to the Recall This Message page and choose one of the two choices that are available.
  • Therefore, to recall the sent message, choose Delete unread copies of this message option.
  • Alternatively, you may choose Delete unread copies and replace with new message to replace the delivered message with a new one.
  • You must then choose an option. Please let me know whether each recipient's recall succeeds or fails.
  • Finally, to complete the procedure of getting your Hotmail call back, hit the OK button.

What are the prerequisites for Hotmail recall email?

You should be aware of the numerous requirements for obtaining a Hotmail recall email now that you know how to get one. The information on the various requirements for your Hotmail recall email is listed below.

  • Both of the sender and the receiver must use Hotmail as their email client and have an Exchange server email account.
  • At the time a recall email on Hotmail is requested, the mailbox of the recipient must be open.
  • The original message for a Hotmail recall email must also be unopened and should be there in the Inbox of the recipient.
  • Furthermore, no procedure, including a spam filter, a rule, or add-in, may not touch the message.

Going through the above section will provide you with the ultimate details on how to obtain your Hotmail recall email. In addition, you may also know the details about the requirements to use your Hotmail account for the recall email. If you have any problems obtaining a call back email on Hotmail, you may contact its customer service staff for assistance.

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