How Do I Close a Hacked Hotmail Account?

 How Do I Close a Hacked Hotmail Account?

It is quite frustrating when users may no longer get In touch with Hotmail email account because their Hotmail account hacked. It is a difficult task to recover the Hotmail account when it is hacked. Following are some reasons due to which accounts can get hacked:

  • The user is using the device or software already hacked by any other software and stole the password rapidly.
  • In some cases, a user has replied to any spam email, which misuses the password to send illegal messages.
  • User may share their password with another person who has misused the password in future and send the complete information to any illegal source.
  • Users may face some technical glitches resulting in the hacking of the email.
  • The user has access to the false data, resulting in the blocking of accounts to prevent such activities in the near future.

The user often asks about what to do in this situation if their account is hacked. Users may delete their account to prevent any misuse of the account in the future, or they can change their password to any other strong password to get back to their account. Users can follow the below primary step to access both these options:

Delete the Hotmail account:

When you are sure that your Hotmail account hacked and you want to delete the Hotmail email services, then you can do by doing simple steps:

  • Open the Hotmail account, go to your account settings, and tap on the close your account.
  • Click on the Next button and confirm the Hotmail account that you are deleting.
  • Accept all the terms and conditions of Hotmail before move further.
  • Select the reason for account hacking from the available options.
  • Enter the password to confirm.
  • Tap on the mark account for closure and confirm again.
  • Your Hotmail account will delete from all the devices immediately.

Change the password:

To get out of the recurring error of Hotmail account hacked, then the user can go to the password recovery option to prevent the account from being hacked and can follow the below instructions to fix this issue reliably:

  • visit the official webpage of Hotmail, and the user is required to log in to the Hotmail account with an email address.
  • Choose the ‘cannot access account’ option available on the screen and click on the sign-in option.
  • A new page of trouble in the sign will be open, and the user needs to enter the email address and captcha code in the required field and tap on next to proceed further.
  • Users can choose an alternate email address and phone number to change the password.
  • After selecting user will receive a six-digit code at the given email address or phone number. Enter the code and click to verify the account.
  • Enter the new strong password and click to confirm the password again.
  • Click to save the changes, and the user can log in to their Hotmail account with a new password only.

After the above ways, if still, users found it difficult to use their Hotmail account or their issue of Hotmail account hacked is not solved, they can contact the Hotmail technical support team by phone, chat, and email to get the solution of this problem.

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