How do i Change my Password on my Hotmail Email Account

Hotmail is a Microsoft email service. There are millions of users who use Hotmail for personal and professional use. Hotmail is a very well known email platform for years now. Many users have Hotmail account for years as well. This is easy to use and very secure also. Any new user can easily create a new Hotmail account. For this they just need to sign up and they will be asked to fill in some crucial data in some fields. As you keep entering them and once you are finished you get a Hotmail account which you can access now using your username and password. Now this username is unique and everyone has such a unique username. You are also suggested to create a strong password because password is very crucial thing for any email account or for anything which is confidential. You should use letters, numbers and special character combination to create your password and it must be above 8-10 character so that no one can copy it when they try to access your password for misuse of your Hotmail account. So, when you create your Hotmail account be careful that you don’t make an easy kind of password. Yes making difficult password has one drawback that you tend to find it difficult to recall it every time but your account safety is very important so you must keep a password that is difficult to copy for anyone.

When you create your password you are also suggested that you keep changing your password after a certain interval. This is again for the safety of your Hotmail account. Yes you would ask how do I change my password on my Hotmail account. Well, before that you need to know why you need to change the password. You need to change the password because when you login to your account several times on your device there are chances that someone can hack it from the history of your login attempts. Also because you keep important files, messages and financial details on your Hotmail account so this is very crucial that no one gets access to your Hotmail account by any chance. So, you must change your Hotmail account password on certain intervals. You should also use your account on minimum numbes of devices and you should avoid to login from someone else’s device. So, again how do I change my password on my Hotmail account? Well, you can follow below steps for doing so:

1.      First sign in to your Hotmail account. After that select Security.

2.      Next step is to select Change password.

3.      Here in different boxes type your current password, then the new password you want, and then enter the new password again.

4.      Now select Save to complete the process.

   This is how you can change your Hotmail account password quite easily. You can do it on any device like laptop, tablet, and mobile and so on. You should do it as frequently as possible and convenient for you. Also if you have really safety concern for your Hotmail account you should definitely change password on regular basis.

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