How can I create a new Hotmail account for iPhone

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Create a new Hotmail account for iPhone

Most iPhone users already have one email account setup on their phone but that does not mean that they cannot create or add a new account. On your iPhone you can easily add a new email address to the iPhone or you can even add multiple new email addresses to the same device, and you can manage all of them in the same Mail app of iOS. This is quite useful for people who switch between multiple email accounts for personal, work, and other purposes. After you create a new email account and configure it in in iOS, you can check emails, send, receive, reply, forward, and perform any other email functions from all of the addresses on the device. In this way you can create a new Hotmail account for iPhone also.

Steps to create a new Hotmail account for iPhone

You can follow below steps to create a new Hotmail account for your iPhone:

  1. First open the “Settings” app on your iPhone screen.
  2. After that choose the “Mail” settings option.
  3. Then tap on “Accounts” which you can see at the top of the Mail settings.
  4. Now choose “Add Account”.
  5. After that select the email account service which you want to add to the iPhone from the list: iCloud, Exchange, Google / Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, / Hotmail, or “Other”. In this case you need to choose Hotmail.
  6. Now enter your Hotmail email account address and login information as instructed.
  7. You also have the option which is applicable to some email providers only, you can choose whether to enable other account functions like calendars, contacts, and other related abilities.

After you have created or added the Hotmail account has to your iPhone now you can easily open the Mail app to find the new email account available to access and use as normal.

Hotmail customer support number

Hotmail is a free email service offered by Microsoft and it is now Outlook. You can use your Hotmail account to send and receive emails for personal and professional use. By creating a Hotmail account you can enjoy the great features offered by it. But sometime you may need help to use your account better or to solve some temporary problem with your Hotmail account. In this situation you can get help by calling Hotmail helpline number. You can directly talk to the Hotmail customer support representative and raise your issue or query which will be handled by him on the phone in quick time.

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