Hotmail keeps saying password is wrong

Why is Hotmail not taking the login password?

Whenever you are trying to enter your login credentials, you are getting the indication of inaccuracy which is not an accurate fact according to you. The problem arises with your knowledge gap. That’s why we are here. To fill this gap, you are invited to our page. How to reset a lost Hotmail password is the area you need to know about. Well, it is a matter of some successive minutes.

It is a known fact that the Hotmail has transformed into Outlook. Thus, the access of outlook website is compulsory for you in order to access the locked Hotmail account. A Hotmail account that is inactivated can only be recovered if the duration of inactivation has not exceeded the boundary of 365 days. The gap is huge. So, there is no need of worry if it is hacked by some other user. If you have deactivated it, you have duration of 30 days.

The [Can't access your account?] link has to be clicked by you in this agenda. It is located on the lower portion of the concerned window. Select [I forgot my password] to move the process in the forward direction. You now instructed by Hotmail Customer Care Number to enter the account address. Hit [Next] then. A set of captcha characters will appear which is needed to be entered in the blank box. Going forward, any of the given options can help you in getting back the lost account.

  1. You have a recovery number
  2. You have a recovery email
  3. You have downloaded the Microsoft Account App
  4. You don’t have any of these

In the case of the first and the second options, you need to confirm the account ownership. You are also responsible for entering the recovery email or the recovery number. The job is much easier if you are following the third method. Just run the Microsoft Account App and fill it with the required information. Please choose the option to answer the questionnaire in the case of the fourth option. Select [I don't have any of these] if you want to launch the questions set. Also, provide an email address that is within your access. This email account can belong to any email client. In the beginning, it will be asked to prove the account ownership. After you are done with this step, you have to provide your account creation date, last login password, frequently used contacts, and etc. Make the use of Hotmail Technical Support Phone Number to know more information about this questionnaire.

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