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Some of the serious problems faced by Hotmail users are being discussed here by professional troubleshooting experts. Indeed these are rarely faced problems, but when any user faces such problems, they find it challenging to overcome without proper knowledge. That’s why we have taken the responsibility to discuss about some of the critical problems.

1. Why should I use office outlook Hotmail connector in account synchronization?

2. Is it possible to sync a Hotmail account with Outlook 2007?

3. Why Hotmail account is not synchronizing with Outlook 2010?

These are different problems, but the basics are related as Hotmail has a compatibility issue with Outlook. However, all these problems are applicable for Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 equally. When you are synchronizing your Hotmail account with Outlook, it is important for you to make the use of office outlook Hotmail connector.Hotmail help support number speaks about it. It will enable you to complete your job without any hassles. You might be curious to know, how? Well, the given tool is designed to help the users for managing their calendar and contact. In actual, it is closely integrated with the Microsoft accounts which are regarded as the main reason behind its efficiency.

4. Is there any other way to configure a Hotmail account with Outlook without making the use of office outlook Hotmail connector?

Yes, it is possible for you to configure a Hotmail account with Outlook without making the use of office outlook Hotmail connector. In that context, Hotmail technical helpline number requests you to follow our steps that are given below. Please open your Microsoft Outlook first. In the top side of this window, you will find an option as ‘file’. Open that and find out the ‘account settings’ from the drop don list. You are suggested by customer care experts for making a click on the ‘new’ button now. Please enter your Microsoft Account with all the required details. Click on the ‘finish’ button for the completion of your configuration process.

5. Why the IMAP is not allowing me to download messages?

Why the server setting issues come? How to resolve them? Many reasons initiate the server settings issues that come in two different ways – IMAP & POP3. In this section, we will discuss the IMAP related issues. Why it not allows in downloading messages?

Checking your server port would be the first thing you need to follow. Change it into 993, if it is giving a different reading. However, you won’t be able to download any message until unless you are fixing it. Also check, whether your server addresses and encrypted connections are accurately fixed or not. Make sure, encrypted connection has to be enabled as ‘SSL’ or not. However, the server address is to be enabled as ‘imap-mail.outlook.com’.

6. Why the POP3 is not allowing me to download messages?

Checking your server port would be the first thing you need to follow. Change it into 995, if it is giving a different reading. However, you won’t be able to download any message until unless you are fixing it. You are also instructed by hotmail technical support number to check, whether the POP settings are enabled as ‘SSL’ or not. If it is disabled, you are strictly suggested to enable it for erasing out the issues you are facing with.

In order to do that, you will have to open the ‘settings’ window in your Hotmail account. Hence, you need to select the ‘managing your account’ option from the drop down list. Click on the ‘connect devices and apps with POP’ button now and make the changes.

What is the most convenient way to reset the Hotmail password?

One of the best ways to reset the Hotmail password can be easily learned if users call at the right place to receive the best and the easiest solutions. To get such solutions, the surest way for users to take assistance from the technical support team of Hotmail.

Following are the steps to reset the Hotmail password as provided by Hotmail customer service

  • Users must go to the homepage of Hotmail and then click on Sign in link in the upper right corner.
  • Once this is done, then just below the username and password box, users must click on I Can’t access your account link.

  • In the next step, users must click on I have forgotten my password on the password recovery page.

  • A window will be displayed where users will have to enter their email id to proceed to next step.

  • Users will be asked to select a method to get the password recovery code. The options include the sms method and the email method.

  • That code must be typed in the given field once it is received.

  • This will take users to the password reset page.

  • On this page, users must type their new password keeping in mind that it has punctuation,small letters, block letters as well as special characters.

  • Finally users must click on Confirm to completed the process.

How do I contact Hotmail by phone?

This is the easiest thing under the sun. All that users have to do is to make a call at their toll free number, and if that can't be done, users can post their queries on the Online forums of Hotmail or can send emails. This is all that a user need to do, and the rest will be done by the professional technicians who are pioneers in this line of work and never fail to come up with flawless solutions. Not only that, users can also avail the benefits of their easy to implement troubleshooting steps. So, users must call their Hotmail help desk number to avail their round the clock and at pocket friendly services.  

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2 step verification code is nor received to my cell. how can i get verification code by call on my cell? email- rana.muhammadabdullah@hotmail.com

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I can access to my email and was prompt that someone using my email. I cant log in to my email with my current password.

michael holland

hi my sons email account has been hacked dylan_1994_cabage@hotmail.com how do i get it back he has had it for years now he cant access it hes gone online but no one can help him thanks Michael holland

Ana Beja

Hi. Please help me. I had two trojans in mypc and then i had to put it for recovery and i just have it in about few days. So im trying to get into my account but i cant remenber the pass, i've already did the form twice, with all that i could remenber but i cant remenber more. This account is connected to the instagram if it helps. anitaccb@hotmail.com. PLease let me have my account back. My number is +351910257552; alternative email anabeja@gmail.com. Please. It's been a while and my pass's where all in my pc that had no recovery so ever.


I lost my this account i don't have access to this account anymore and i make a facebook account with this email and i forget my facebook account and i can't recover my facebook account cause my Hotmail account doesn't work anymore

Richard Niblett

I have tried numerous times unsuccessfully to recover my hotmail account details so that I can use the account properly. Can someone please contact me on the above UK number? Many thanks. Richard Niblett richardniblett@hotmail.co.uk


Please help me to recover my hotmail as my ex husband has already hacked my email. I have alot of important emails in my old emails address... Please assist me in getting back my email. Thanks.

hotmail technical support

Hotmail customer service number is any time available to deliver best support to the users. visit:-http://www.hotmailcustomerservicenumber.com/hotmail-technical-support-number

Benjamin Celedon

Hi, I'm trying to recover mi account: bceledon00@hotmail.com. It's been at least 5 years since I can't get in and I can't use Skype. Please your help to reset this, the secondary mail is not working anymore and I don't remember my secret question. I have sent a lot of formulary but is always rejected. How can I proceed? I do remember doing a folder called "Carmen", this may help. Please if someone can contact me. Best! Benjamin


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