hotmail account is not working on windows live mail

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Issues and its solutions related to Hotmail!!

Hotmail provide e-mail services to its users who have increased day by day in the recent years. Hotmail now have users from all across the world who are very well satisfiee with its features and services offered. Hotmail have updated its features and now have come up with all the new services that has attracted more and more people and our Hotmail customer care phone numer always available for online help related to hotmail account.

If your hotmail account is not working on windows live mail, then follow these steps to fix it:

- Users should add pop3 and IMAP servers in their windows live mail. For this:

1.Firstly users need to open their windows live mail and select accounts.

2.Then in the accounts option select e-mail.

3.A dialog box named windows live mail add your e-mail accounts will come up.

4.Mention all the things asked in the box I.e your username, password.

5.Now select the option manually configure server settings.

6.Select next to proceed to further steps.

7.After these steps you’ll see the configure server settings.

8.Select the settings.

If your hotmail account is not working on mac, then the users should follow the below mentioned steps:

1.Firstly the user should make sure that the latest mac software are installed in the devices.

2.Users should also check the connection in the mail connection doctor option.

3.Users should also keep in mind that the hotmail e-mail address should be valid.

Therefore, these are the easy steps to fix the given issues on Hotmail. But, on the other hand if still the problem is not solved and the users are facing lot more issues then it is advised that the users should contact the Hotmail password recovery phone  number to get assistance regarding these and any other issues related to Hotmail. The executives present there will provide the best answers as well as solutions so that the issues that are faced by the users can be solved instantly without much time. 

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