Monday 7th January 2019

Add hotmail on apple mail

How to add hotmail on apple mail

Steps to add hotmail on apple mail

The hotmail account is very old and suitable email for the users which makes it very easy and helpful for the users to access their email account and work on it. It is preferred by the users for most of their work including both professional as well as personal work. It becomes very convenient for the users to work on their account and enjoy different services on it.

Another suitable part of working on the hotmail is that the users can access their hotmail account through apple mail also making it very +Read More..

Monday 7th January 2019

Configure Hotmail with IMAP

How to configure Hotmail with IMAP

Follow steps to configure Hotmail with IMAP

You know that Hotmail is Outlook now. IMAP is an app mail and Hotmail supports IMAP. With IMAP you can download messages from as IAMP acts as incomingserver. So, if you want to configure Hotmail with IMAP then you can follow the below steps to setting up an IMAP account:

Set IMAP (incoming) server as following:

  1. Server Address: Enter
  2. Port – Enter 993
  3. Encrypted connection : Enter SSL

Why do you need IMAP? You set up your Hotmail account via IMAP protocol because IMAP sync your Hotmail account for different +Read More..