Tuesday 17th July 2018

Why is my Hotmail not Working

Hotmail not working

Hotmail also known as Outlook or Windows live mail is a popular email application service offered by global tech giant Microsoft. Hotmail is widely used email service for both personal and business email communication. It offers a many user-friendly email features and easy to use interface to its customers. User can use the web version as well as with third party email client. Hotmail is very robust and trouble free email service and users do not face any technical problem most of the time. However there are some technical issues, users may encounter with Hotmail sometimes. In case +Read More..

Wednesday 30th May 2018

Hotmail Exchange Server Settings

Quick and relevant solution for Hotmail Exchange Server Settings

Some of the accurate  hotmail exchange server settings outlook that need to be completely followed has been provided below:-

  • Exchange server address should be
  • Exchange server port should be 443
  • Exchange username should be email address in proper way.
  • Exchange password should be password along with TLS/SSL encryption that need to be provided in effective manner.

For outlook active sync settings for Hotmail, just look on some of the common suggestions as provided.

  • MSN Hotmail exchange active sync server address.
  • Exchange active sync domain 
  • Exchange active sync username along with password and active sync TLS/SSL encryption.

Comprehensive approach for hotmail exchange +Read More..