Monday 7th January 2019

Add approved senders to Hotmail

How to add approved senders to Hotmail

Steps to add approved senders to Hotmail

Hotmail is one of the frequently used email service provider which makes it very convenient for the users to manage their email related work. It is helpful for both the personal as well as professional uses making it a popular option for the users. There is an option in the Hotmail that the users can add approved senders in the Hotmail which makes it convenient for them to get the messages from a select audience only making it convenient for them to avoid useless messages. It also makes their account safe and secured +Read More..

Monday 7th January 2019

Temporarily Disable Hotmail Account

How to Temporarily Disable Hotmail Account

Steps to temporarily disable Hotmail account

Hotmail account is one of the most frequently used email account which helps the users to get the access of the mails and messages easily and allow them to continue work on it. There are different features of the Hotmail account which makes it easy for the users to work on it and make it convenient for them to get their work done on it easily.

It sometimes happens to the users that they are not willing to continue their work on their Hotmail account as it is not possible for them due to certain issues. +Read More..